Osirix Image 2

A 3D image of the patient's anatomy is projected for laparoscopic surgery.

Volume-rendered OsiriX movie

Surgeons use such visualization techniques to understand underlying anatomy of the patient before surgery.

SecureVault PACS


SecureVault PACS
The SecureVault PACS solution utilizes open source software powering some of the most well-known commercial PACS products on the market.  By leveraging open source software in healthcare, costs for traditionally expensive solutions are now affordable.  SecureVault PACS responds to the needs of healthcare customers requiring always-online solutions for mission critical environments and scales to meet the needs of imaging centers, hospitals and teleradiology providers.

Because SecureVault is based on a progressive open source product, it is constantly being enhanced to deliver the fastest image transmission, available.  While some PACS systems can take several minutes to send studies, SecureVault PACS takes several seconds.

Many vendors will try and sell you PACS storage you don’t need.  SecureVault PACS can “grow” at anytime, taking advantage of current storage costs rather than buying storage today, for tomorrow.

DICOM Compatible
SecureVault is DICOM 3.0 compliant, meaning it can easily connect with all DICOM modalities in your enterprise.  SecureRAD has experience connecting SecureVault to a variety of vendors including Philips, Siemens, GE, Toshiba, Fuji, Agfa, Hologic, Vital Images and Merge

SecureRAD supports the following DICOM functionality: DICOM Store, DICOM Query and Retrieve, Modality Worklist, IHE compatibility, basic and advanced auto-routing, image compression, OsiriX and RIS integration and DICOM import capabilities to migrate legacy PACS data.

Service and Support
SecureRAD’s customers experience up-time surpassing most vendors solutions due to the stability of the product, proactive “live” monitoring and a world-class support team.