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The Hartford Hospital Stroke Clinic designed an Apple-based archiving system using OsiriX, an open source medical image management software system.

Hartford Hospital

SecureView Workstation


FDA Cleared, Low Cost, High Speed Volumetric Rendering
New generations of imaging modalities no longer acquire just a few hundred images per study – they acquire thousands.  This increasing volume of data requires high-performance workstations that allow volumetric Imaging through rendering technology – introducing the SecureView Workstation powered by Aycan, a high performance, cost effective and a highly functional workstation for conventional, multi-slice and other image reading.

Designed by Radiologists for Radiologists
The SecureView Workstation was developed by aycan leveraging OsiriX, an award-winning open source medical image viewer. Designed by radiologists for radiologists, OsiriX is simultaneously an advanced image processing tool and a DICOM PACS workstation.  Its complete plug-in architecture allows for easy expansion of capabilities making it a highly versatile and efficient system for clinical needs.

Stable, Versatile, Compatible
Because the SecureView Workstation is built on Macintosh’s operating system, it is extremely stable.  Built for versatility, you can easily integrate the SecureView Workstation into existing systems and network environments -  or it can stand alone.  Whichever way you choose, it will be fully DICOM compatible with all your existing equipment.

Exclusive Innovative Technique for 3D/4D/5D Navigation
The SecureView Workstation has been specifically designed for navigation and visualization of multi-modality and multi-dimensional images: 2D Viewer, 3D Viewer, 4D Viewer (3D series with temporal dimension, for example: Cardiac-CT) and 5D Viewer (3D series with temporal and functional dimensions, for example: Cardiac-PET-CT). The 3D Viewer offers all modern rendering modes: Multi-planar reconstruction (MPR), Surface Rendering, Volume Rendering and Maximum Intensity Projection (MIP). All these modes support 4D data and are able to produce image fusion between two different series (for example: PET-CT).

Ultra Fast Performance System That Is Easy To Use
With very fast upload times of images the “waiting time” for radiologists is shortened significantly. You’ll also pick up speed because the SecureView Workstation has an intuitive interactive user interface and a 30 inch wide, high-resolution monitor which allows for less eye disruption than with other systems using multiple monitors.